HOYA Close-Up II +4D HMC 40.5mm

  • HOYA Close-Up II +4D HMC 40.5mm
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HOYA Close-Up II +4D HMC 40.5mm

Close-up lens is an extremely convenient tool that is by attaching to the front part of the master lens allows you shooting in macro style. In another words, close-up lens makes the original minimum working distance of your lens shorter, that will allow you to get closer to the subject and shoot it with bigger magnification. Close-up lens will let you get in a new world of creativity, providing detailed close-up shots. Suggested for shooting flora, insects and small objects.

Advantages of close-up filters:
 - You can get closer to the object with the master lens that originally will not allow you to do so.
 - Unlike macro lens, close-up lens is very compact and will not take much space in your bag.
 - Macro lens is usually prime lens. Close-up lens can be used with zoom lenses, thus converting your zoom lens into macro zoom lens.
 - Zero exposure magnifying factor, shutter speed will not change.
 - Less flares and ghosts thanks to HOYA multi coated glass.
 - Possibility to create other diopters by combining two close-up lenses together. For example, No.1 + No.2 is equal to No.3.
 - Can be used with other effect filters like Polarizing filter
 Optical power: +4 diopter
 Coating: HMC Multi Coating

Specification: HOYA Close-Up II +4D HMC 40.5mm

Filter type Close-Up
Filter diameter 40.5mm