HOYA HD Sq100 IRND8 (0.9) GRAD-S Soft

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HOYA HD Sq100 IRND8 (0.9) GRAD-S Soft

Soft-graduated ND filter for balancing the luminosity of bright areas with the dark areas in the image.
Dark side of the filter reduces light by 3 exposure stops.

In landscape photography, where the scenery and horizon tend to have complex or uneven structures, graduated ND filters become absolutely essential, as they allow the photographer to balance the luminosity of bright areas with the dark areas in the image. With Hoya's Sq100 IRND8 (0.9) GRAD-S filter, the photographer has new options in using a graduated filter which they do not have with round-type filters.

Made from toughened glass, the HD Sq100 is designed to endure harsh conditions during travel and adventure. The IRND nano coating for both sides of the clear optical filter glass does not only remove IR contamination, but also creates a truly neutral color balance through its applied ACCU-ND technology. This prevents any noticeable color cast to your images. Additionally, its water repellent and anti-reflection coating drastically minimizes the risk of random light reflections while increasing the light transmittance.

The filter glass is made of 2mm thick, toughened optical glass that provides a four-times stronger durability than common filter glass, making the filter highly recommended for usage even in extreme shooting conditions.

With Hoya's Square filter system, photographers will have several ways to make use of the Hoya's Sq100 IRND8 GRAD-S filter in order to achieve the desired effect in the image. The frame of the filter system can be rotated, allowing for the ankle of the gradation border to be adjusted in any position.
In addition, the vertical position of the border can be further adjusted with moving the filter up or down inside the frame. To give the user here all the possible options for positioning, the height of the filter has been lengthened to 150mm.

- HD toughened optical glass is 4 times stronger than commonly used filter glass
- IRND nano coating using ACCU-ND technology minimizes the influence of the infrared spectrum and provides a balanced color presentation
- anti-reflection coating minimizes unwanted glare and the risk of random reflections
- the water-repellent finish increases resistance to stains and grease, the filter is easier to clean

Density: ND8 (0.9)
Transition: soft
Material: chemically reinforced optical glass
Dimensions: 100x150mm
Thickness: 2mm

Specification: HOYA HD Sq100 IRND8 (0.9) GRAD-S Soft

Filter type Graduated
Density 0.9, ND8 (3-Stop)
Graduation type Soft
Dimensions 100x150mm
Thickness 2mm
Material Chemically reinforced optical glass
Compatibility 100mm system