HOYA Variable Density 72mm

  • HOYA Variable Density 72mm
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HOYA Variable Density 72mm

The Hoya Variable Neutral Density Filter provides a convenient way to maintain exposure control by being able to vary the amount of light entering the camera by 1.5 to 9 stops. The precision built-in double ring design allows the outer ring rotates to control amount of neutral density effect anywhere within the 1.5 – 9 stop range. This double-ring design is also thin to reduce the likelihood of vignetting with wide-angle lenses. This control allows for many special effects such as being able to control depth of field by using a wider aperture or create or control motion blur by being able to choose just the right slower shutter speeds for perfect blurring.

Variable Neutral Density filters, and ND filters in general have these main uses:

- Slow down shutter speed for motion blurring effects like waterfalls, cars or blurred panning movement to make the subject stand out from the background.

- Allow wider apertures to be used to decrease depth-of-field, literally focusing more attention on the subject.

- Allow higher ISO films to be used in brighter lighting conditions

- Allow cine/video cameras, which have a fixed shutter-speed range, to film on brighter lighting conditions such as the beach or in snow on a sunny day.

The HOYA Variable Density filter uses high-quality optical glass from Hoya Corporation.

The practical exposure range and light transmittance will vary depending on the situation. When using the filter near or at MIN a cross-like dark pattern will appear across the image and cannot be eliminated. This is a property of the filter and all variable ND filters.

Specification: HOYA Variable Density 72mm

Filter type Variable ND
Density 0.3 (1.5-Stop) to 2.7 (9-Stop)
Filter diameter 72mm