HOYA UV HD Nano Mk II 67mm

  • HOYA UV HD Nano Mk II 67mm
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HOYA UV HD Nano Mk II 67mm

UV filter with chemically reinforced optical glass providing the ultimate protection for your lens physically and the excellent quality ensures that you will never have any unwanted change of colors in your image.
The glass has a sharp UV cut property that cuts out the UV light without having any negative effect on the colors in the visible light spectrum. UV light can potentially cause a haze and blue color cast in your image. The filter will reduce such negative effects, making your final image ultimately sharper and clearer.
Also serves as an excellent permanent lens protector.


HD Nano Coating
 - 32-layer (total) anti-reflective multi-coating
 - Water & oil repellent and stain resistant coating
 - Ultra-Hard surface coating is 800% more scratch resistant than general coating

HD Glass
 - Extra-clear high transparency optical glass glass
 - Chemically reinforced optical glass is 4x stronger than regular optical glass

HD Frame
 - Ultra Thin Frame compatible with wide-angle lenses
 - Front thread to attach lens caps and filters
 - Press mount technology holds glass securely and makes frame more resistant to physical impact

Specification: HOYA UV HD Nano Mk II 67mm

Filter type UV filter
Filter diameter 67mm

Video: HOYA UV HD Nano Mk II 67mm