HOYA IRND1000 (ND 3.0) HD Mk II 82mm

  • HOYA IRND1000 (ND 3.0) HD Mk II 82mm
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HOYA IRND1000 (ND 3.0) HD Mk II 82mm

Neutral density filter that reduces the light to an equivalent of 10 f-stops.
With IR-cut ACCU-ND technology, water- and oil repellent coating and low-profile frame.

HOYA IRND HD Mk II filters reduce the amount of light entering a lens, allowing for wider apertures and long shutter speeds. With a reduced depth of field and increased background blur, wide apertures are perfect for portrait photography. Long shutter speeds are effective in expressing motion in an image.

ND filters in video shooting is also an irreplaceable tool. To obtain natural motion shutter speed is recommended to be adjusted to frame/rate setting.

If you are for more creative shots that are based on extremely slow shutter speeds - deep density filters are to be suggested. ND filters like ND500, ND1000 or more will help to capture dramatic unreal fantasy world that cannot be seen by the human eye.

HOYA's exclusive ACCU-ND technology achieves equal reduction of the light in visible and IR spectrums, preventing color shift in varying shooting conditions.
This means that there is no leak from the infrared band of the light spectrum, guaranteeing that the image does not undergo any negative affect from color shifts.
ACCU-ND is a benchmark for IR ND technology and makes the HOYA IRND HD Mk II series a market leader for high quality ND filters.

The HOYA IRND HD Mk II filters have an anti-reflection multi-coating that reduces the chance of any reflections caused by the filter.
The coating also comes with water- and oil repellent features which makes cleaning the filter easy and stress free.

The HOYA IRND HD Mk II filters use an ultra-thin lightweight, precisely crafted aluminum frame, reducing the chance of vignetting immensely when using the filter with wide-angle lenses.
It is also very useful when stacking filters, which can be done thanks to the integrated front filter thread.

The HOYA IRND HD Mk II series is recommended for professional photographers and video content creators.

Specification: HOYA IRND1000 (ND 3.0) HD Mk II 82mm

Filter type Neutral Density
Density 3.0, ND1000 (10-Stop)
Filter diameter 82mm