HOYA PROND EX Filter Kit (ND8, ND64, ND1000) 82mm

  • HOYA PROND EX Filter Kit (ND8, ND64, ND1000) 82mm
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HOYA PROND EX Filter Kit (ND8, ND64, ND1000) 82mm

HOYA PROND EX Filter Kit is an essential filter kit designed for amateur or professional photographers and video content creators. The kit consists of 3 most popular and essential ND filters in one package- PROND EX 8, PROND EX 64 and PROND EX 1000, that allow photographer to capture the world in different expressions. Packed in a Hoya filter pouch.

HOYA offers its own exclusive and wide lineup of ND filters that are branded into PROND EX series for both photographers and filmmakers. PROND EX filters adopt HOYA's clear optical glass that is mounted into a lightweight, precisely crafted aluminum frame. The frame has front filter threads so you can attach additional filters or a lens cap.

Thanks to ACCU-ND technology that puts HOYA PROND EX filters far ahead from other brands the image undergoes no negative affect from color shift that may occur due to low-quality materials, poor manufacturing QC, or issues with leaking of the Infrared band of the light spectrum. The last problem is the most important nowadays in photography and videography.

HOYA's exclusive ACCU-ND technology achieves equal reduction of the light in visible and IR spectrums. As a result the photographer may not fear any issue with color shift when using HOYA PROND EX filters in different shooting conditions.

HOYA PROND EX filters reduce the amount of light entering a lens, allowing for wider apertures and long shutter speeds. With a reduced depth of field and increased background blur, wide apertures are perfect for portrait photography. Long shutter speeds are effective in expressing motion in an image.

ND filters in video shooting is also an irreplaceable tool. To obtain natural motion shutter speed is recommended to be adjusted to frame/rate setting.

HOYA PROND EX 8 is essential for shooting with fast lenses at wide open aperture during the daytime, which is perfect for portraiture at shallow depth of field. The subject appears crisp and clear on the soft blurred background. Other recommended scenes are night trails, fireworks and lightnings.

HOYA PROND EX 64 is essential for expressing the object in blurred motion during the daytime, which cannot be realized only with camera settings. Recommended for landscape, city snapshot, video and other photographic genres.

HOYA PROND EX 1000 is essential for expressing an unreal fantasy world thanks to its 10 stops reduction of the light amount. Widely used in seascape to blur the waves, street snap to apply clouds motion and architecture to erase moving people.

Kit contains:
1x  Hoya PROND EX 8  (-3 stops)
1x  Hoya PROND EX 64  (-6 stops)
1x  Hoya PROND EX 1000  (-10 stops)
1x  Hoya Filter Pouch  (for 4 filters)

Specification: HOYA PROND EX Filter Kit (ND8, ND64, ND1000) 82mm

Filter type Neutral Density
Density 0.9 (3-Stop) • 1.8 (6-Stop) • 3.0 (10-Stop)
Filter diameter 82mm