HOYA Star 4 Pro1 Digital 55mm

  • HOYA Star 4 Pro1 Digital 55mm
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HOYA Star 4 Pro1 Digital 55mm

High-end artistic filter to create dramatic 4-cross flare effect with rotatable frame.
PRO1 DIGITAL STAR 4 filter creates 4-beam flare on the light spots and is effective when shooting night illuminations, reflections on the water surface, light leaking through the leafs, photographs of jewelry and other scenes with tiny light sources.

Star filters are dramatic multi-point light flares or rays of light also know as a "star effect" to bright or strong point light sources in a scene.
Star filter gives a beautiful and romantic effect, emanating multiple rays of light coming out from a point source of light, or a bright object in the image. The rays appearance may differ depending on aperture setting, size, strength of the light source and the distance to the camera. Find the best angle of the star effect according to your personal intentions of the composition by rotating the filter frame. When shooting video rotate the frame to achieve dynamic and rhythmical movements of the beam flares.


DMC - Digital Multi-Coated
Digital multi-coated filters greatly reduce the appearance of lens flare and ghosting caused by reflections.

Rotatable Frame
Front part of filter frame is made rotatable in order to allow the photographer to change the angle of beam pattern.

Black Almite Frame
Filters feature a black matte aluminum satin finish almite frame which reduces reflections.

Black Rimmed Glass
These filters are equipped with black rimmed glass to reduce the chance of light reflecting off the edge.

Low Profile Frame
Ultra thin filter frames to help avoid vignetting on super wide angle lenses are also designed to hold a lens cap.

Knurling Edge Frame
These filters are equipped with a straight knurling edge for non-slip, easy attachment and removal.

UV Protected Case
Filter cases are UV protected to further lengthen the life of filters.

Specification: HOYA Star 4 Pro1 Digital 55mm

Filter type Star
Filter diameter 55mm